Somewhere In The Now

Somewhere In The Now / 2015

Somewhere in The Now is a Dance Performance for two dancers and a video artist that asks the question - What’s alive in Live Performance?
Three men and 8 Television screens are moving on the stage, creating a new space; a landscape that allows to observe inside and outside at the same time, and ask what’s happening right now, at this very moment? What are the constituents that "Here & Now" made of?

Choreography: Uri Shafir
Video Environment: Nimrod Alexander Gershoni
Performers: Nimrod Alexander Gershoni, Ofir Yudilevitch and Uri Shafir
Music: Ennio Morricone
Lights: Ofer Laufer
TV stands: Hannoch Levy

Premiered in Curtain Up Festival 2015, Artistic Director: Hillel Kogan
Supported by "Störung/Hafraa" – a collaborative project between Yasmeen Godder Studio and Theater Freiburg, funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation