The Koloklum

The Koloklum / 2015
The Koloklum is a solo work that describes an absurd state of existence, where the passion to choose all and be all meets the inability to choose anything.
Koloklum (Kol-O-Klum, All-Or-Nothing in Hebrew) explores a physical state, which sets the body in an impossible task of being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. To express all expressions, and to give an expression to “nothing.” A dance that tries to reach the impossible, the sublime, the desired movement, and yet - the mundane, the earthly, the profane.
It wants to be meaningful, to say something clear, and at the same time it wishes to vanish, to disappear.

Choreography and perforamnce: Uri Shafir
Music: Samuel Barber
Artistic Advisor: Sahar Azimi
Premiered in Zirat Machol Dance Festival 2015, Hazira, Jerusalem.
1st prize winner of the 2015 MASH International Choreography Competition, Machol Shalem, Jerusalem.