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My name is Uri Shafir. I was born in 1983 in Israel, and I'm a dancer, choreographer, performance artist.

My main and premiere desire as a choreographer is to embrace and celebrate the liveness of the body, the liveness of the dance, the liveness of the event.

The dance performance is a site where previous expectations and conceptions are breaking down into a moment of becoming, 
where the only time available is now. 
In our post-human era, where our personal time is an asset for the capital, for invisible forces that invade our mental space, 
I believe in the dance performance as a space for fugitivity, for reclaiming our physical intelligence, for practicing intimacy and pleasure with others, for reinforcing our bodies with the freedom to be passionate, tender, full of will, and at the same time - 
to disappear, to doubt, to be in between, to remember that we are mortal.  

In my last projects, I am trying to find some kind of “poetics of Nothingness”.
Such poetics are seeking to find the potential of liveness through the reduction, the disappearance, the shadow of the choreographic act.  
What can be discovered in the shadow? What would be possible for us, when we allow Nothingness to affect the way we move or dance?
Nothingness is a kind of tool, an apparatus to un-cover the mechanism that make our bodies dance, move, perform, or simply to appear.  
It is an ongoing flirt with the unknown. 
I like to create structures, and then invite Nothingness to disrupt them, making them more alive.  
It forces me to be in-between knowing and not knowing, between fullness and emptiness. 
In other words - Nothingness invites me to collapse into the in-between.  
Nothingness seeks to find a “negative stability” - which is the ability to change, deconstruct, transform and become something else.  
My wish is to create a space which allows constant “becoming” - a state which is physically studied, examined, practiced and shared with the audience.

The event will be the host. The choreography - the guest.  

Biography -
Graduate of MASPA (kibbutz Ga'aton Dance Workshop), Kelim choreography program (Bat Yam, Israel), and currently doing a MA ib Choreography in the MASTER EXERCE Program in Montpellier, France (ICI-CCN)

Creating independent works since 2009, and has presented them in different platforms such as Curtain Up, Zirat Machol, Macholohet, (IL), L1DanceFest (HU), Tanec Praha (CZ), Lucky Trimmer (DE), Dance Waves (CY), Out Of Israel (USA), and more.

As a dancer, worked in Ensemble Batsheva Dance Company, and in dance works by Yasmeen Godder, Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor, Dana Ruttenberg, Maya Levy & Anando Mars, Guy Gutman, Dafi Eltabeb, Renana Raz and others.

Uri is a Gaga teacher (Ohad Naharin's movement language), leading Gaga classes/workshops across the globe.

In 2015, Uri won the 1st prize in MASH (Machol Shalem) International Choreography Competition, with his work - The Koloklum.
In 2016, Uri Received a full-year scholarship for the yearly program of Kelim Choreography Center.
In 2017, Uri received an award from the Israeli ministry of culture, under the category of Young Choreographers.

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