Avigdor In The House

The work was created during the quarantine of the Coronavirus Pandemic.
The prohibition of public gathering caused cancellation of performances of Avigdor
For the frame of Viral Festival - an online performance festival created within the days of quarantine, a new Avigdor was created.

How does the space of our own homes, our habitat, moves us?
What kind of choreography it proposes to our bodies, and can we challenge it?
What more modalities of sense, movement and action, could be available for us?
Avigdor asks to observe on "being a body" - a bilogical, animal, material, cultural body. How all of these bodily identities are operated in one body, and how do they express themselves within our habitat/homes?

Concept: Uri Shafir
Performers: Or Avishay, Keren Ben Altabet, Arnaud Blondel, Nina Berclaz, Laura Kirshenbaum, Dimitrios Mytilinaios, Zuki Ringart, Omer Uziel & Anat Vaadia.
Sound: Itzik Gil Avizohar