By-Passers takes part in a series of works which explore the notion of Nothingness as a potential. 
By-Passers asks to stick to the process, and to transform “knowing” into “becoming”.
By-Passers is an attempt to displace the center of the performance to the side.
We look for instances of rebellion, in order to feel more alive, more present, more human.
We dance despite the choreography.

Choreography/concept: Uri Shafir
Performers: Lisanne Goodhue (Canada), Uri Shafir (Israel)
Lights: Omer Sheizaf

The piece was developed in “master Exerce” in ICI-CCN, Montpellier France with the coaching of DD Dorviller and Jocelyn Cottencin.

Supported by residency in Kelim Choreography centre in Bat Yam, and by Yasmeen Godder Studio residency program. 

photos by Efrat Mazor