Nothing seems to me the most potent thing in the world / Robert Barry

What is the Habitat of a dance performance?
Is it the stage? The dance? The body? The meeting-point between them all?
On an empty stage, while the audience sits around, we will dance a dance, and at the same time - we will live a life.
We will merge performance-time and life-time together. We will become 1 hour older.
And even though we know the dance, even though we know ourselves - let’s imagine we don't.
Let’s pause, let’s suspend the next expected move, the habitual movement, and let Nothingness appear. Let it tell us something we didn’t know on the nature of dance, the nature of the body.
Let it tell us something about their ability to co-exist, in an everlasting clash between biology and culture, between knowing and not knowing, between the mundane and the sublime.

Created and performed by: Uri Shafir, in collaboration with Zuki Ringart
Music by: Johann Sebastian Bach, Goldberg Variations
Sound Design: Tomer Damsky
Costumes by: Tami Lebovitz

Premiered in Zirat Machol Festival 2017, Artistic Director: Sahar Azimi
Created in Kelim centre for choreography, Artistic Director: Anat Danieli
Produced with the support of the Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Arts