Avigdor is an event, a place, a practice, a performance.

Avigdor explores the potential in the materiality of the body, and in the connection between different bodies mainly through the sense of touch. 

Avigdor is an attempt to create a space for being, to postpone the expectation of the spectacular body, and to observe what a body does.

Avigdor is about persistence on in-between-ness, where we can stall the moment where the body becomes a stable thing, and rather stay in an on-going becoming - while being concrete yet fictitious, full of will yet full of doubt, being "simply a body", yet celebrating its conflicts, representations, and oppositions.  

Concept: Uri Shafir

Design: Gabi Kricheli 

Performers: Or Avishay, Keren Ben Altabet, Omer Uziel, Uri Shafir, Anat Vaadia

premiered in Performance 0:8, School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem Israel

Produced with the support if the Israel Lottery Coucnil for Culture & Arts

The work was also developed in the choreography program "master Exerce", of the national choreography center ICI-CCN of Montpellier (France), artistic director: Christian Rizzo, and supported by Kelim Choreography Center, Bat Yam Israel

Photos by Efrat Mazor