“Avigdor” is a name of a physical practice, that was invented during 2017.
It was called Avigdor, because I wanted to give it its own life, its own identity, which was separated than my own.
In the practice we connect, communicate, and negotiate mainly with the sense of touch. The choreography is the negotiation between the bodies, (which sometimes become one body) and the properties of the present moment.
For Exercise Commun I chose to invite 6 performers (including me) to practice Avigdor together, for a long duration experiment, Negotiating between one body & another, between Performing & Being, Between the “task” & the present moment.

By Uri Shafir, collaborating with Arnaud Blondel, Dimitrios Mytilinaios, Laura Kirshenbaum, Nina Berclaz & Zehra Proch.

Created for "Exercise Commun", MASTER EXERCE, ICI-CCN, Montpellier France